I've been fortunate throughout my career to get the opportunity to design several t-shirts. The fact that someone saw fit to shell out their hard-earned money on something I did — given how little money there is to go around these days — is both an honor and a humbling experience.

Clients (in order): Wilco, CLE Clothing Co., Cotton Bureau (4), Native Cleveland (3), Fairport Phoenix, Fairport Tornadoes, Melamed Riley, Old School Gym

Apparel — Wilco

Apparel — Beer Me I'm Clevelandish

Apparel — Defend Journalism

Apparel — Gears of Love

Apparel — Freedom!

Apparel — Pencilvania

Apparel — O-fucking-hio

Apparel — Smiley Ohio

Apparel — Leafy Ohio

Apparel — Fairport Phoenix

Apparel — Fairport Tornadoes

Apparel — Nothing Artificial

Apparel — Old School Wrestling