Erie Street Kitchen Menu Design

I’ve always wanted to work on a restaurant branding project, so it was a real treat when the owner of Kent’s wonderful Erie Street Kitchen, Jeff Crowe, reached out to me in late 2017. The restaurant – located in landmark Kent watering hole The Venice – serves authentically Southern cuisine (prepared by Crowe, an authentic Southerner) made from farm-fresh ingredients sourced from more than a dozen local providers. Crowe was already knee-deep in running a growing restaurant and had a recognizable logo. But he needed to streamline and extend his visual brand. To start, I slightly evolved the Erie Street logo, simplifying shapes, adding symmetry and emphasizing both the “Erie Street” name and the chicken icon. From there, I worked with Crowe to distill the multiple menus he was putting together himself into the signature four-pager that I would be updating and a weekly specials menu he could change on the fly. I worked with my Adcom colleague John Znidarsic on the introductory paragraph that kicks off the main menu. “I think it makes us look way more ‘together’ than a lot of independent restaurants,” says Crowe, who notes that his already-strong sales are up 30% in the year since we debuted the newly designed menu.

Client: Erie Street Kitchen

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