Ferocious Quarterly

Ferocious Quarterly is "a curated publication that collects illustrators, graphic artists, short fiction authors and written text." Each issue has a theme, and those participating work within that theme and a select color scheme. Those participating in the third issue were sent a brief arming us with the fact that "survival" was to be our main inspirational guideline. While I initially thought about pursuing some sort of Scout-related theme for my spread, I anticipated others going down that path. So, Casey and I put our heads together and assembled the greatest fictional survivor showdown to ever take place. The year of publication being 2012, the site of the fight card — The Mayan Temple — and the date (the winter solstice) were no-brainers. From there, I drew inspiration from the classic, letterpress fight posters of the past. I wanted the spread to have a wit and edge to it, so I set about adding as much personality as possible. Besides, Charles Darwin always seemed like he'd make for a good fight promoter in his spare time, right? 

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