GetGo Store Openings

Senior Art Director

GetGo opened multiple new locations in the fall of 2016 and, as a result, charged Adcom with creating a unifying, exciting message. We coined an anthemic tagline — “It’s Go Time.” — amplifying the forward-thinking momentum of the GetGo name. We then built an irreverent, repeatable copy structure that paid off every situation-based headline with “It’s Go Time.” This became our rallying cry and reason to believe in the brand, which, in some new markets, wasn’t well known. This messaging manifested itself in multiple applications, including direct mail, outdoor, in-store signage and social media, for example. 

Words: Mark Szczepanik
Photography: KP Photo
Account: Matt Metzger, Kevin Griffin, Liesl Macke & Sarah Hall
Agency: Adcom
Client: GetGo

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Direct Mail


Pump Signage


Table Tent

Workplace Mailer