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When I'm not writing for HOW's print edition, I'm putting pen-to-pixel writing articles for their website. Here they are, collected in one place.

Advertising Students Put Theory into Practice in St. Louis

Four of us — myself, Archer Malmo’s Blaine Loyd, Cactus’s Norm Shearer and Amazon’s David Glaze — were in St. Louis to judge the city’s ADDY awards, a two-day marathon session spent evaluating nearly 600 entries across all advertising mediums. Something we weren’t expecting, however, made the entire process even more worthwhile: The presence of a dozen-plus fresh-faced students from Lindenwood University’s advertising program. Read more

Pictured: Blaine Loyd and Sierra Teson


24 Creative Pros Get Real About Their 2016 Goals

A new year tends to signal within us a time for reflection and subsequent resolution. This could mean a plan to tighten one’s belt (be it through fitness or finance), travel more or make time for friends. Whatever we set our sights upon, we begin the year with the best of intentions and the wind at our backs. For the 24 creative professionals I spoke to, the new year brings a similarly renewed focus. Read more

From Coffee to Canvas: Carolyn Sewell Trades
Controversy for Creativity

Where a few folks felt insulted over not being sufficiently reminded of their preferred holiday, illustrator and hand letterer Carolyn Sewell saw a blank canvas. Once she got her hands — and considerable talent — on Starbucks' red cups, she began crafting a series of illustrations that have taught her quite a bit about her technique and process. Read more

Pictured: Carolyn Sewell

9 Ways Young Creative Pros Can Boost Their Value

You can always master the shiniest new gadget, but, as an early-career professional, it’s more important to focus on the technology you’ll own your entire career — your brain. The best part: Learning new things doesn’t have to cost you thousands. Here are nine ways you can improve yourself and ensure your value to current and prospective employers. Read more

Pictured: Erika Hall

Design Against Humanity: The Creative Team
Behind the Blockbuster Game

Cards Against Humanity is a study in contrasts: It’s a best-selling game despite being available for free. It’s hilariously inappropriate, yet its founders have given millions to charity. And its design couldn’t be simpler, yet dig deeper and you’ll find a thriving creative duo helping Cards represent far more than “A party game for horrible people.” Read more

Pictured: Amy Nicole Schwartz

Magic Mic: 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Podcast

What we listen to is as often tied to our identities as what we do. For creative people, this manifests itself in myriad ways: Curating the perfect afternoon playlist. Taking voracious notes at a conference keynote. Or, perhaps, diving into one of the fastest-growing ways to reach audiences — starting a podcast. Read more

Pictured: Meighan O'Toole