LeCharles Bentley Branding

As a huge sports fan, I was very excited when two-time NFL Pro Bowler LeCharles Bentley came to me to rebrand his offensive line training academy, which trains linemen who aspire to follow in Bentley's professional footsteps. We agreed that LeCharles himself was the brand, so I sought a look that built on his name in a bold, powerful way. I developed a strong icon that included both his first and last initials, then added flexibility by providing both horizontal and vertical versions of the full logo. Soon, Nike approached Bentley, so I modified the original marks to include a "Powered by Nike" descriptor. Based on the success of his rebranding, Bentley again worked with me to develop the identity for his line of nutritional supplements. See Phase II of the project here.

Client: LeCharles Bentley

LeCharles Bentley — Hero

LeCharles Bentley — Icon

LeCharles Bentley — Horizontal Logo

LeCharles Bentley — Vertical Logo

LeCharles Bentley — Nike Icon

LeCharles Bentley — Horizontal Nike Logo

LeCharles Bentley — Vertical Nike Logo

LeCharles Bentley — Performance Nutrition