Shitty Barn Sessions

When my friend Erin Fuller reached out to see if I wanted to design a poster for one of the 2013 summer concerts at Spring Green, Wisconsin's Shitty Barn, I jumped at the chance. I've always wanted a gig poster out there in the world and the opportunity to create one for my friend and vocal dynamo Kelly Hogan was a truly special experience. Casey and I made the 10-hour trek to rural Wisconsin armed with a stack of posters to sell. Several hours and several Grain Belts later, we had made new friends, had a wonderful time and sold some posters (as well as a pro-Wisconsin button design shown below the poster). In 2014, I teamed up yet again with the Shitty Barn to produce a poster for the Willy Porter show, shown below the buttons.

Kelly Hogan Poster: The Half and Half
Buttons: Busy Beaver
Client: Shitty Barn Sessions

Shitty Barn Sessions — Kelly Hogan Poster

Shitty Barn Sessions — Wisconsin Button

Shitty Barn Sessions — Willy Porter Poster