WMC Fest 2012 Recap Video Titles

Beyond my two-year run as an organizing partner with the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, I was honored to be one of five people to provide custom typography for the 2012 recap video. Joining me were WMC Fest founder Jeff Finley, Brandon Rike, Carolyn Sewell and Nate Utesch. The titles appear both throughout the film shown to the right and in one amazing mosaic toward the end. The assignment came with no art direction, other than the five phrases Jeff gave us. I sought to push myself in new directions with the titles, with the big emphasis on hand-done type. I wanted the type to tell the story. I didn't want to overdesign these, knowing they'd either be on-screen for mere seconds or be seen at a real small size as part of a mosaic. And they had to work in one color, too, given how they'd be used in the film.

Video Production: Aaron Freeder
Client: Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

WMC Fest Titles — The North Coast

WMC Fest Titles — Everyone Has a Story

WMC Fest Titles — Steal Like an Artist

WMC Fest Titles — An American Portrait

WMC Fest Titles — Make What You Love